Sermon: Is One As Good As Another? – Ephesians 4:1-6

Many living in the world today would like to believe that one religion or one church is just as good as another, that all are teaching essentially the same thing, and that all will lead to the same place.  But there are several tests we can put such claims to in order to find out if such is true.  The “one is as good as another” philosophy does not pass the “logic test,” the “Scripture test” and it does not adhere to the command to the Apostles to “teach to observe all things that Jesus had commanded” (Mt. 28:19).

Thanks to Allen Webster for detailing many of these things in a Bible tract of the same title.
Note: These sermons are presented with the intention of instructing and edifying those who are in attendance at the Orangeburg church of Christ.  Therefore, the audio quality of these recordings may not be on the same level as a recording that was originally intended to be presented as a podcast.

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