Wednesday Bible Class: Daniel 5:29-6:9

As we continue our study in the book of Daniel, we finish up with Chapter 5 and move into Chapter 6.  Attention is given to how Chapter 6 fits into the chronological timeline of Daniel, and how the Law of the Medes and the Persians affects not only the story of Daniel, but other stories in the Bible as well, including God’s overall plan for the redemption of mankind.

Note: I forgot to start the recording at the beginning of this lesson, so the discussion will begin kind of abruptly with a few words about Daniel 5:29.  Prior to that, we had reviewed the meaning of the handwriting on the wall, which was covered in the previous lesson.
Note: These presentations are primarily meant to serve in the teaching and edification of those who are in attendance at the Orangeburg church of Christ each Wednesday Night at 7 p.m.  Those classes are recorded and then made available in the form of this podcast, but, the quality of the recording may not be up to the same level as other podcasts which are recorded with that primary purpose in mind.


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