Guest Speaker: Don Iverson (Morning)

Don Iverson is a missionary in India, focusing on work in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. He works with preaching schools to train new evangelists, children’s homes, and benevolent work. We were happy to also have his wife Cathy with us, who is a great help to his work in many different ways.

Report by Brother Jim Wilsford

In this report, presented during the Bible Class hour on 6/26/16, Jim Wilsford, one of the elders for the Orangeburg church of Christ, presents an overview of some of the works that the congregation is involved in at this time.

Sermon: “Leading and Serving: A Study of Elders and Deacons” – Acts 14:21-23

From Sunday morning, 7/17/16 at the Orangeburg church of Christ.  The verses in Acts 14 establish the practice of the apostle Paul of appointing elders in every city where he had preached and led people to Christ. Unfortunately, in many churches today, not only are there no elders, but the members (or the preacher) are content not to have elders.  This is not the pattern of the New Testament. In this lesson we examine the work and the qualifications that are necessary for both elders and deacons in the church.