Sermon: Let’s Build a Wall – Nehemiah 4

There is work to be done in the church, and unless WE have the mind to get it done, no one is going to do it.  The things written before were written for our learning (Rom. 15:4), and that’s exactly what we try to do in this lesson, from Sunday morning, August 28, 2016, as we learn a few lessons from the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem that we can apply to the work of the church today.

Sunday Bible Class: The Cast of the Cross -Judas Iscariot

On Sunday mornings at the Orangeburg church of Christ, Brother Matt Burleson is teaching a series of lessons from the book The Cast of the Cross by Drew Kizer.  Each lesson looks at a different individual (or group of individuals) who was somehow involved in the story of the cross.  The first lesson was taught some time back, looking at the prophets.  This lesson looks at Judas Iscariot.