Sermon: Love the Brethren

This lesson, from 10/23/16 continues our “Living By Faith” series from the latter chapters of Romans. It also works into our “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love” series. This lesson from Romans 12:9-13 focuses on our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Join us as we study God’s word together.

Sermon: Love Your Neighbor – Mt. 23:34-40

We are a little behind with posting our lessons.  This lesson is from Sunday, 10/23/16, and continues our series, “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love.” In this lesson we consider the commandment which Jesus said was second to, and like the first and great commandment.  Join us as we study what it means to love your neighbor as yourself.

Bible Study from 10/23/16

We’re a little behind in getting some of our lessons posted. This lesson was from Sunday, 10/23/16, when one of our elders, Bro. Jim Wilsford, filled in for Bro. Matt Burleson, the regular teacher, on Sunday morning.  Please join us with an open Bible and follow along.