2/19/17 p.m. sermon_The Gospel Centered Life – Philippians 1

The epistle to the Philippians is commonly referred to as the epistle of joy, and certainly we can learn a lot about joy from reading those 4 chapters.  But there is much more to learn.  The first chapter has a focus on Christ and on the preaching of the gospel.  So for this lesson, we will consider “The Gospel Centered Life” from Philippians 1.

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2/12/17 Sunday Bible Class: The True Way for this Modern Day – Five Steps to Christian Growth – Christians Grow By Attending Worship Services

This lesson is part one of a five part series by Bro. Jim Wilsford, one of our elders at the Orangeburg church of Christ in Orangeburg, SC.  PDF files of all the lessons in this series can be found at  http://gospellessons.info/id78.html

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