Submission in Practice – Ephesians 5:21-6:9

1/28/18 p.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
Submission is a guiding principle in a Christian’s life.  We are to submit to God.  We are commanded to submit to government.  Ane we must also submit to one another.  Sometimes there is a specific order that God has ordained for relationships in our lives, such as in our families or in business.  Paul deals with these things in our text tonight.

God’s Plan for His People – Jeremiah 29:11

1/28/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
Whether in the time before Christ, under the Old Covenant, or in the Christian age, in the church, God has always had a plan for his people.  Even through difficult situations, like the exile to Babylon, God had plans for his people.  And he still has desires for his set apart people living in the world today.

The Life of Christ: The Limited Commission (part 3)

1/24/18 Wednesday Bible Study

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley
In sending the Twelve out to preach, Jesus was preparing them for ministry after his departure.  As he prepares them for their ministry, he informs them of certain challenges that will come, but reassures them that they will not be disappointed for their faithful service.

God Will Provide a Lamb – Gen. 22:8

1/14/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
God’s plan for redeeming mankind was in place long before Christ came.  Through the family of Abraham, through the son of the promise Isaac, all the nations would be blessed.  In one instance, Abraham’s faith was tested, and God reaffirmed the covenant with the patriarch.