The Life of Christ: Teaching Concerning Days of Judgement (Part 1) (12/18/19 Bible Class)

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley

Matthew 24 and 25 (particularly Chapter 24) may be one of the most misunderstood passages of the gospels, and perhaps of the entire New Testament. Many different ideas have been promoted based on the words of Jesus in these passages. Join us as we examine carefully what Jesus says, and work to come to an understanding of the particular events that he had in mind as he was speaking.

Walking with Kings: Hezekiah -From Prayer to Pride (2 Kings 20) (12/15/19 a.m. sermon)

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley

Hezekiah was one of the few good kings of Judah. He is rightly remember for his work to turn the nation back to God when he took the throne, and he should also be remember for his handling of difficult situations with prayer in 2 Kings 19 and 20. But there is also a weakness that he displayed, particularly when it came to the sin of pride.