Sunday Bible Class: Zechariah 5-6

This lesson is from Sunday morning, 4/24/16.  It does not pick up where the previous recording left off.  There were some issues with the recording for 4/17/16, and so no recording of that lesson is available.  We apologize for the missing audio, but hope you will be encouraged by what you are able to hear in this lesson.

Can You Pass the Test? (Gospel Meeting Day 2, Lesson 4)

We at the Orangeburg Church of Christ are blessed to have Bro. Dale DuVerney from northern Michigan with us for our Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting.

In this recording, Bro DuVerney presents his fourth lesson for the week, “Can You Pass the Test?” at 7 p.m. on Monday night.

Don’t merely listen to this lesson.  As you play this audio, open your Bible, and get out a pen and paper and take the 15 question test that Bro. Dale presents in this lesson.