Galatians 4:28-5:15 – 11/10/19 Bible Class

Teacher: Jim Roquemore

Paul emphasized throughout Galatians that submitting oneself to the Law of Moses make one a slave to the law. Since we have been set free in Christ, we are no longer bound to the Old Law and it’s precepts. As such, we should not seek to be justified by the Law, lest we be cut off from Christ.


The Life of Christ: Eight Days that Changed the World (Part 3) – 10/23/19 Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley

It was Monday of the Final Week of Jesus’ ministry. That morning he cursed a fig-tree on the way to Jerusalem. Later, he cleansed the temple for the second time in his ministry. The rest of the day was spent in teaching and healing. On Tuesday morning, as they returned to Jerusalem, Jesus taught a lesson from the fig tree that had withered overnight.

Galatians 4:1-11 – 10/20/19 Bible Class

Teacher: Jim Roquemore

Our lesson this morning focuses on Paul’s words at the beginning of Galatians 4, emphasizing to the church that in Christ we are not who we once were as slaves of sin, but have received adoption as children of God. We go a little further than verse 11 toward the end of the lesson, but the majority of the discussion focuses on verses 1-11.