Ephesians 3:1-13

7/1/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Jim Roquemore
Paul was given a special responsibility, to take the gospel to the Gentiles.  He was a steward of God’s grace, and went out and proclaimed the mystery revealed as he preached the gospel throughout the Roman world. And through his inspired writings, he still preaches to us today.

The Life of Christ: A Return to Galilee (part 5)

6/27/18 Wednesday Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley
A final lesson in this look at Jesus last teachings in Galilee, before he shifted the focus of his work to Judea and the surrounding areas.  This week we follow-up on the lessons around being like children and remembering what true greatness in the kingdom is like, and look at Matthew’s record for some important lessons regarding problems between brethren.

The Life of Christ: Return to Galilee (part 4)

6/20/18 Wednesday Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley
Covering the time when Jesus returned to Galilee for a brief time before moving the focus of his ministry to the area around Judea. We focus throughout these lessons on the disciples contention about who was the greatest among them and Jesus’ response to them.

How Is Authority Established?

6/10/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Matthew Burleson
We are continuing our discussion of authority in the church, and focusing particularly on three ways that authority is established in Scripture: direct command, approved apostolic example, and necessary inference.  We also begin to dig into thoughts concerning expediency, and how we can know when something is expedient, and when it is simply an addition.

Authority in the Church

6/3/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Matt Burleson
Continuing a series that will eventually be broken up and spread out over several months, we move from thinking about the question “What is the church?” to considering how authority is established and recognized by the church. What constitutes authority?  What gives authority, and what does not give authority?  What should be our response to Biblical authority? These are some of the questions that will be dealt with in some way in this lesson.

What is the Church?

5/27/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Matt Burleson

In this lesson, we look at this question, “What is the church?” This question will be our starting point for a later series of lessons as we consider a number of important questions about the Lord’s body.

The Life of Christ: A Return to Galilee

5/23/18 Wednesday Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley

After spending much time with his disciples in regions surrounding Galilee, Jesus and the Twelve return briefly to Galilee before making their way to Jerusalem. Though a brief visit, there are some important lessons that the apostles needed to learn, and that are still needed for the church today.