Servants in the Body – 4/21/19 Bible Class

Teacher: Matt Burleson
As we consider roles within the church, it’s important that we spend some time remembering that we all have different roles to play.  God has gifted each of us in different ways, and we all have a responsibility to use our gifts to the glory of God.

Spring 2019 Gospel Meeting with Bro. Mike Glenn – “A Heart of Evangelism” – 4/14/19

Speaker: Mike Glenn
Every preacher, elder, and teacher in the body of Christ has told the members of the body that evangelism is necessary.  And yet, so few of us are engaging in evangelism.  Mike Glenn, our speaker for this week, begins our week by showing us some ways that we can be evangelistic just by doing the things we do every day.
Bro. Glenn preaches for the Seven Hills Church of Christ in Lynchburg, VA,

Great Blessings Which Possess Potential Dangers

Teacher: Christopher Battle
Our guest speaker today, Brother Christopher Battle, is currently enrolled as a student at the Central Carolina School of Preaching.  During this Bible Class hour, our brother reminded us of several blessings that we have, but with the warning that we do not let those blessings become curses to us.  Join us as we consider God’s Word together.

The Life of Christ: Teaching on Prayer – 3/20/19 Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley
Although Jesus had taught on the subject of prayer in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 6:5-13), in Luke 11 one of his disciples asked specifically that Jesus teach them to pray, as John the Immerser and other teachers of the time taught their disciples. What followed was a version of the “Model Prayer” and an illustration to emphasize the importance of persistence in prayer.