7/19/17 Bible class_The Life of Christ: Sabbath Controversies (part 1)

One of the primary charges that the Jewish leadership would bring against Jesus was that he violated the Sabbath Law.  In reality, he only violated their traditions that they had developed, making the Sabbath a burden rather than the blessing that God intended it to be.  In this lesson, we’ll begin to look at three of these Sabbath Controversies in John 5 and Matthew 12.

7/16/17 p.m. sermon_Do You Understand What You Are Reading? – Acts 8:30

If we all agree that the Bible is the Word of God, and that is our source for authority when it comes to our faith, then why are there so many different ideas about the Scriptures?  Unfortunately, many are interpreting the Bible in their own ways, and we must be careful not to do the same.  An important question we must all ask ourselves is if we truly understand what it is that we are reading.

7/16/17 a.m. sermon_We Are One – Eph. 2

Even though we may come from different places, different backgrounds, speak different languages, or even look different, all Christians who are truly Christians are united into one body by the blood of Jesus Christ.  We must not forget that unity we have, and we must not let insignificant differences cause division between us.