The Sinner’s Prayer – Paul Kirkpatrick

The sixth and final lesson of our Spring 2017 Gospel Meeting with Bro. Paul Kirkpatrick.  Bro. Kirkpatrick has done an excellent job preaching the Word of God this week, and we pray that you have been blessed by these lessons as much as we have.

The theme for the meeting has been “Building the Church”

4/19/17 Wednesday Bible Study_The Life of Christ: Part VII – Christ’s Ministry from the First Passover to the Second (part 4)

In this lesson we focus on the latter part of John 3, and John’s correction of his disciples for their jealousy of Jesus’ and his disciples baptizing more individuals than John.  We begin to look at chapter 4, examining Jesus decision to pass through Samaria on the way to Galilee, leading to the encounter with the woman at the well, which we will look at in our next lesson.

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