Ephesians 6:1-4

7/29/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Jim Roquemore
After dealing with the husband and wife relationship in Ephesians 5, Paul turns his attention to other relationships.  The first one that he deals with is the relationship between parents and children, giving instruction to children in verses 1-3, and instruction to the parents in verse 4.

Ruth 1:6-22

7/25/18 Wednesday Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley
Where is God when it hurts? That is the question that we are trying to answer through our study of the book of Ruth.  Naomi was bitter because of the loss of her husband and sons, and she believed that God was against her.  However, God was already at work to redeem her and bring her joy.  God had placed someone in her life, Ruth, who would bring her comfort.

Why Should I Study Apologetics? – 1 Peter 3:15

7/22/18 p.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
We live in a world that has changed a lot.  Scores of people decide every year that they do not believe in God or the Bible.  These people need the gospel just as much as any of us, so how do we reach them?  This is where the study of apologetics can be a helpful tool.  If we can show them evidence for the truth, and they accept that evidence, we will be one step closer to teaching them the gospel.

The Greatest Commands – Matthew 22:34-40

7/22/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
The entertainment industry thrives on love, but to the Christian it is so much more than what the rest of the world sees.  Love is a choice, a choice to put others above oneself.  Love is the reason that God gave us His Son, and he also demands love of us.  Jesus said that the two great commandments in the Law are to love God and to love one’s neighbor.

Ephesians 5:22-33

7/22/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Jim Roquemore
God instituted and blessed marriage from the very beginning, and we have an obligation to follow God’s pattern when it comes to marriage.  Included in that is understanding the roles of both husband and wife, which Paul gives some explanation of in Ephesians 5.

Ruth 1:1-5

7/18/18 Bible Class

Teacher: Justin P. Sivley
Ruth is a story that ends happily, but it begins in terrible tragedy.  The first five verses set the scene that prepare us for the rise from heavy grief by the end of the short book.

Preventing Wildfires

7/15/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
James 3 has a lot to say about the use of the tongue, and how we must be careful not to let a little spark create a wildfire in the world and in the church.