Macedonian Disciple Making – Acts 16

7/15/18 p.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
Paul’s mission work is an example to all of us in evangelism.  We can learn from his efforts as we also seek to bring others to Christ

Preventing Wildfires

7/15/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
James 3 has a lot to say about the use of the tongue, and how we must be careful not to let a little spark create a wildfire in the world and in the church.

To Have a Home in Heaven – John 14:1-6

7/1/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
Jesus promised a prepared, eternal home for all who will prepare themselves for themselves by obedience to the gospel.  We are strangers and pilgrims in this world, and we look forward to that eternal home where we will dwell.  Heaven will truly be a wonderful place.

Can the Saved be Lost? Answering the Doctrine of Perseverance – 2 Pet 2:20-22

6/24/18 p.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
As we come to a close of our study of the five core doctrines of Calvinism, we examine the final, and perhaps most dangerous of those ideas.  The doctrine known as Perseverance of the Saints is sometimes known as eternal security, or once saved always saved, and it has led countless people believing that they are safe, when in fact they have fallen from grace.

The Greatest Offer You’ll Ever Receive – Acts 24:22-25

6/24/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P Sivley
We are bombarded with various offers every day, and many of them we will simply ignore because they mean nothing to us. But there is one offer, the offer of God’s grace through Jesus Christ that we must be sure not to ignore.  The consequences of refusing to accept that offer are far too great.

For Whom Did Christ Die? – An Answer to the Doctrine of Limited Atonement – Matthew 26:28

6/10/18 p.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
In this evening lesson, we continue examining the five core doctrines of Calvinism, focusing on the third part of the TULIP acronym, Limited Atonement.  Through this lesson, we hope to demonstrate that Christ died to give all people the opportunity to be saved, and to teach anything different robs the gospel of it’s power to save (Rom. 1:16)

Jesus Accepts the Crown – John 19:1-3; Philippians 2:5-8

6/10/18 a.m. sermon

Speaker: Justin P. Sivley
In our lesson from Sunday morning, we examine the humility of Jesus from Philippians 2:5-8, with an emphasis on crowns that are associated with our Lord’s work, including the crown he gave up by emptying himself to become a man We also consider the crowns he put on, such as the crown of thorns, and after his resurrection, the crown of glory and honor. Finally, we consider the crown which he has promised to those who are his.